Calibre/Item: 9.3x74R x 9.3x74R x 20 Gauge

Make: Merkel

Model: 961L Left Hand

Action: Break

Scope: Zeiss Victory HT 1.1-4x24 Illuminated

Barrel Length: 55cm

Serial No: 855520

Condition: New

Choke: 1/2

Phone: 0418315803

Price: $18000

Licence Number: 15990962

Advertised: 10/07/2024

Deposit Taken: SOLD

Comment: Stunning Merkel 961L Double Rifle, driven hunt Drilling. This is a genuine three lock (Blitz Lock) drilling. Extremely rare in this country, especially in left hand. This drilling is capable of taking any game in Australia from quail to buffalo. I am the original owner of this gun and ordered it new to my specifications as below. 9.3x74R double rifle on top, with a 20 gauge shotgun barrel underneath. Shotgun barrel has a 76mm/3 inch chamber, steel shot proof, and has a 1/2 choke. Greener crossbolt with double underlug bite. You do not need to change your grip to fire all three barrels extremely quickly. The front trigger is a driven hunt trigger, that fires the two 9.3x74R barrels in set sequence, one after another. It uses two separate locks. The rear trigger is used for the shotgun barrel only, using a third separate lock. No aluminium or Dural used in this action, it is all steel. Very reliable system for dangerous game. This drilling is extremely compact and light weight, as it’s built on a slim 28 gauge action. Total weight is only 3.2kg, and overall length is 98cm. Barrels are 55cm long. Fitted with driven hunt sights which are absolutely beautiful to use and very quick to align. A Zeiss Victory HT 1.1-4x24 scope has also been fitted, with illuminated Zeiss number 60 reticle. This scope has the famous Schott HT lenses and a 38 meter field of view at 100m. The detachable scope mount is serialised to match the gun, and was fitted at the factory. Initials “AB” inlaid in gold on the trigger guard. Game scene engraving with wild boar on the right hand side, and Red stag on the left of action. Gun is fitted with upgraded wood with the wood pores filled. Optional engraved trapdoor magazine fitted on the underside of the butt, which holds four 9.3x74R cartridges silently. Stunning fitted leather case was ordered by Merkel at time of order. This was made in Italy by Emmibi. Best quality Italian leather with a heavy canvas outer cover. The workmanship in this case is outstanding. At the time of purchase the leather case with the outer canvas cover, cost $3000 alone. The rifle barrels are regulated to shoot RWS UNI Classic factory ammunition. However it also shoots Woodleigh 320grain projectiles extremely well. Gun has fired exactly 64 rounds since new. Redding dies and 100RWS cases included. 50 new, and 50 once / twice fired. Shotgun barrel has fired less than 10 rounds. The condition of this rifle can only be described as new, and would definitely suit a new gun buyer. Absolutely no marks on any metal work, stock, scope, or case in any way. The wait time on a gun in this configuration, is approximately two years. I waited 2 1/2 years for this one, and the price increased from what I was originally quoted at time of order. Replacement cost in this configuration, with all these accessories is easily over 26k. Price is firm, and avoids the long wait time, but does include postage to your dealer in eastern states. All original paperwork including, factory regulation test target, and owners manual included. Shift worker, so please text or email first and I will get back to you. Please no time wasters.

Transferring Dealer: Rebel Gunworks

Private Ad State: QLD

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