Calibre/Item: 6.5-284

Make: Tikka

Model: T3

Action: Bolt repeater

Scope: 5-25x56

Serial No: A70121

Condition: Very Good

Phone: 0400081778

Price: $4250

Licence Number: 409439641

Advertised: 02/06/2024

Comment: Rifle has fired under 900 rounds, majority by the previous owner who shot competitively in F class. I bought this rifle with the intention of getting into long range target shooting, but due to family and work commitments I have just not been able to get anywhere near the range. I've put less than 50 rounds through it. I've been shooting ' minute of goat' and 'minute of boar' out to 400 metres which has been a lot of fun, with outstanding accuracy and knock down power, but really,the majority of my shooting is from 50 to 200 metres in scrub or on foot up in the hills, and this just isn't the rifle for that job. Just taking up space in the safe as a result, so, regrettably its time to move it on. Selling inclusive of scope, 2 x MDT 5 shot magazines, 100 unfired 6.5 x284 Lapua Brass and a set of reloading dies. Built off a tikka 30-06 action, 27 inch custom barrel 1:8 twist ,GRS stock.

Transferring Dealer: Calibre Country Shooting and Outdoors

Private Ad State: NSW

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