Calibre/Item: Action Wrench - Heavy Duty Howa 1500 - Rem 700

Make: T-bone Shipwrighting

Model: Remington 700/Howa 1500

Action: xx

Scope: xx

Barrel Length: xx

Serial No: 02

Condition: New

Phone: 0415 766 359

Price: $350

Licence Number: 410401587

Advertised: 21/05/2024

Comment: This heavy duty external action wrench will allow you to break out the most stubborn factory Howa 1500 and Rem 700 actions without damage to the receivers. They have jacking screws to allow you to align precisely the recoil lug when they're floating/ not pinned on the 700's, They're mild steel with a 400mm long 25mmø handle, supplied with high tensile bolts, and guaranteed to never break. There are plenty of similar tools out there that will get you 90% of the way there, but these guys are seriously intended for serious use and abuse and for seriously getting the job done with minimal risk to the job and making it easy to get it right the first time and every time.

Transferring Dealer: T-bone Shipwrighting PO Box 454 Coogee NSW

Dealer Ad State: NSW

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