Calibre/Item: 223

Make: Tikka

Model: T3X

Action: Bolt Action

Serial No: N76744

Condition: Good

Phone: 0405496084

Price: $2400

Licence Number: 354750j

Advertised: 05/05/2024

Comment: Tikka T3X varmint chambered in 223, housed in an MDT LSS-XL carbine chassis. I purchased the rifle in 2020 and immediately placed it into the chassis system. The rifle is unbelievably accurate and has been a very dependable rifle for me to call upon when I needed to ensure I had to hit whatever was being aimed at. I am looking at selling the rifle as I want to purchase a cheaper rifle that I can take out bush. The rifle has primarily been used on hunting trips. The rifle has fired a total of 520 rounds, but this does not account for any rounds that have been fired from the factory. She favoured super-roo ammunition from Sierra, and she is incredibly accurate with the ADI ammo. Her barrel twist is a 1/12, so she is restricted to the lighter ammunition. As you can observe from the photos, there is some wear on the side of the barrel from where branches have struck the barrel whilst being used on a quad. The rifle is too nice for me to take out hunting anymore and I am seeking to downgrade. The rifle comes with: The Tikka T3X varmint barrel action, MDT Chassis, MDT pistol grip, Magpul K-Grip (in case you prefer an angular ar-15 style grip) Plastic MDT magazine. MDT aluminium picatinny rail.

Transferring Dealer: Gawler Fishing and Outdoors

Private Ad State: SA

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