Calibre/Item: 30-06

Make: Eddystone

Model: M1917 Enfield

Action: Bolt repeater

Scope: Ironsights

Serial No: 1129620

Condition: Very Good

Phone: 0434019045

Price: $2250

Licence Number: 1059201

Advertised: 17/06/2024

Comment: M1917 Enfield for sale. Based of the P14 Enfield, the M1917 was modified as part of a wider inititative to quickly re-arm American soldiers entering World War 1. They have a reputation for accuracy and reliability, continuing to see service into the present day. This example has all the markings and insignia expected, including the the US Army Ordnance Corps stamp. This particular rifle is in near-excellent condition, with crisp rifling. Sale includes Redding .30-06 dies, brass and .30 cal projectiles. Buyer to pay postage. More photos available upon request.

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Private Ad State: NT

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