Calibre/Item: 22 K-Hornet

Make: Francotte

Model: Unknown

Action: Martini

Scope: Rings only

Serial No: 81750

Condition: Very Good

Phone: 0428979274

Price: $650 Price Reduced

Licence Number: 11717414

Advertised: 16/04/2024

Deposit Taken: SOLD SAME DAY

Comment: AAA walnut stock. 25mm scope rings. Hornady Custom Grade 2 die set plus Lee crimping die. Shell holder. 80 cases. Box each of Hornady 52 gr AMax , Sierra 52gr Match HPBT. Overall an really accurate and pleasant rifle to shoot. Additional pics on request after phone call. Plus postage etc. ( Note: Freebies for pickup only with licence , 40 loaded rnds plus sundry additional loading components. )

Transferring Dealer: TBA

Private Ad State: QLD

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