Calibre/Item: 9.3x74R & 20G / 20G

Make: Beretta

Model: S689

Scope: 4x32 Zeiss

Serial No: F13885B

Condition: Good

Phone: 0409855982

Price: $7000

Licence Number: 449-354-30B

Advertised: 17/02/2024

Comment: Beretta 9.3x74R Express rifle with interchangeable 20G / 3 inch Mag shotgun barrels. Produced on special order by Beretta Factory custon shop. Fitted with QD Zeiss Scope on European claw mounts. Stocked high to accommodate correct sighting plane through the scope and using shotgun barrels. Has been well loved and used on all game from Quail and Ducks through to Pigs, Red Deer, Sambar, Scrub bulls and Water buffalo. Comes with 200 rounds of 9.3 ammo and around 300 projecties and Reloading Dies plus around 300 of 3 inch mag 20G and around 1,100 2 3/4 inch 20G. additional photos available on request.

Transferring Dealer: Buyers nominee

Private Ad State: VIC

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