Calibre/Item: 7.62 NATO

Make: Saginaw

Model: L3A3/A4

Action: Full automatic

Serial No: INNOC 0-00-9 M343168

Condition: Very Good

Price: $6490

Licence Number: 996-165-10F

Advertised: 04/04/2022

Comment: Ex ADF L3A3/A4 (US M1919) in very good condition. Missing barrel, barrel extension, bolt, firing lock. Dummy trigger spot welded to grip. Receiver appears complete, barrel trunnion partially demilled. Tripod is M2 Cal .30, dated 1943. Tripod and traverse and elevation gear appear like new. Includes belt feeding box for vehicle mount. Likely off M113 APC. Rarely seen. Deactivation to current standard and shipping included in price.

Transferring Dealer: Wedgetail Industries, Vic

Dealer Ad State: VIC

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