Calibre/Item: 243W

Make: CMC

Model: APC- 1500 short action

Action: Bolt

Scope: Bushnell AR223 3-12x40mm..DZ223

Serial No: R008725

Condition: Excellent

Phone: 0407394875

Price: $1200 Price Reduced

Licence Number: 406933599

Advertised: 02/12/2021

Comment: I bought this 4 years ago Unfired as a collectors piece it was in 99.5% mint condition. Since then I have fired 20 rounds at the range. The trigger has been lightened, soft and crisp. This is beautiful example of a CMC..the barreled action is made by Howa-Japan. The bluing which is perfect except for one 1mm scuff on the barrel barely visible if not mentioned otherwise still 99.5%. The walnut is excellent as you can see from close up pic. The mounts/rings chunky and not cheapies screwd directly into the action, you will notice,the rear mount has a Cant adjustment screw. The Scope is New I think perfect magnifications for this Calibre. Magnum sports currently selling for $369.00...the 243W is a great cartridge..I use 58gr in my Target rifle (rabbits) or jump to 87gr for Dear. My price includes delivery and transfer fee.

Transferring Dealer: Safari Firearms

Private Ad State: NSW

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