Calibre/Item: 69 BP

Make: Harpers Ferry

Model: 1831

Action: Muzzle Loader

Scope: Bead

Serial No: 1832

Condition: Fair

Price: $2450

Licence Number: 409664945

Advertised: 28/11/2021

Comment: Genuine Civil War period Springfield model 1816 Converted from flinlock to percussion at Harpers feey in 1831. Is US Armory stamped. What makes this more pertinent to the civil war is it has a rifled barrel which some were fitted at the start of the war. Carved into the stock is S.C.WELD M08 COC (Church of Christ) IOOF (Independant Order Of Oddfellows). Is in poor condition with surface rust and has a bow in the forend/barrel. Fits the period for coming to Australia at the end of the civil war to the Victorian Gold rush. Negotiable. Must be sent dealer to dealer.

Transferring Dealer: TBA

Private Ad State: NSW

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