Calibre/Item: 22LR

Make: Smith & Wesson

Model: 617

Action: Revolver

Scope: CMORE Railway 8MOA

Serial No: CVB9870

Condition: Good

Phone: 0417078730

Price: $500

Licence Number: 5565549

Advertised: 06/11/2021

Comment: Smith & Wesson 617 22LR 10 round revolver for sale in fair/good condition. Revolver has a worn hand and hand has worn to the point where it will no longer grap onto the notches in the star and index the cylinder. A new hand will need to be fitted by a gun smith. Revolver otherwise performs flawlessly. Cylinder is new as well as a matching star. Comes with a picatinny rail mount and a CMORE RAilway site with a 8 MOA diode fitted. Supplied with original case. Cost is well below purchase price due to the gun having a worn hand.

Transferring Dealer: Southwest Projectiles

Private Ad State: WA

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