Calibre/Item: Cases 303

Make: Winchester

Model: 303

Condition: New

Phone: 0427454400

Price: $228

Licence Number: 406987044

Advertised: 31/10/2021

Deposit Taken: SOLD

Comment: Last few remaining lots of 200 x new Winchester 303 brass. It could be another 12 months or even longer before we see this back here in Aus. - and the prices will be a LOT more expensive. Any other brands are either lesser quality and way more expensive, and nil stock - so get these whilst you can. Don't get caught with ex mil junk that has twin flash holes, crimped primers or multiple times reloaded stuff with thin/cracking necks, loose primer pockets or weakened around the bases. Please add $10 for shipping anywhere in Aus if not picking up in Sydney.

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Private Ad State: NSW

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