Calibre/Item: 7.62x54R

Make: Brno Ceska Zbrojovka

Model: VZ54

Action: Bolt

Scope: Original fixed power

Barrel Length: 27.5" Poldi

Serial No: E4976

Condition: Excellent

Phone: 0437 214 771

Price: $14500

Licence Number: 50001434-00

Advertised: 30/05/2021

Comment: Expressions of interest on a very rare VZ54 Sniper Rifle. The Czech VZ54 was an attempt by the Czechs in the early 50's to allow "unification" of there equipment with the Soviet equipment of that period. The Czech's had always used Mausers for there sniper rifles and that some of that carried over in the VZ54, like the use of capture screws on the action screws, hooded front sight, sling attachment, and hand guard design. The requirements the Czech's laid down for the receivers the Soviets where going to furnish was so strict that most the soviets furnished where rejected and only after the Czech's loosened up there tolerances on the thread diameter for the receiver threads for the barrels did they get enough receivers to begin production. Production commenced in 1955 with a run of 100 test rifles , but only 75 test rifles had been produced by December of 1955. Production of 4000 VZ54's was scheduled for 1956 but due to ongoing issues with soviet supplied receivers only 108 rifles where completed and accepted by the Czech Army , and these where produced between Sept./Dec 1956. In 1957, with supply issues final worked out the Czech's produced a total of 5410 VZ54 sniper rifles, with an additional 3 produced in 1958 before production ceased. The VZ 54 is both shorter and lighter than it's PU sniper counterpart, and sports a heavier barrel and a unique 2.5x scope. The stock is a pistol grip design with a uniquely designed bolt. The bolt handle has a slot on its head to tighten/loosen the scope mount from its base and is designed to maintain it's Zero if removed and reinstalled. The Czech requirements for these rifles to be accepted was that they put 10 rounds into a 50x50cm square @ 800m something that was easily achieved by these rifles thanks to the heavier barrels. These rifles served in the Czech National Army until the 1970's when they where replaced with Soviet SVD Dragunov's.

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