Calibre/Item: Looking for

Make: Damascus 12G barrels

Condition: Excellent

Phone: 0447544470

Licence Number: 81567850B

Advertised: 19/05/2021

Comment: Looking for damascus barrels in good condition for a project gun. Must be in reasonable condition overall, no bulges large dents or heavy pitting (internally). Ideally after damascus muzzle loading rifle & pistol barrels but will consider breech or muzzle loading shotgun barrels if in good condition. Project guns with missing locks, stock, parts etc. are ideal but barrel condition is priority. Also willing to look at Parker Hale Enfield barrels, double & single barrel flintlock shotguns (complete or projects) Please phone the number provided if you have a set of barrels that match the description!

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Private Ad State: VIC

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