Calibre/Item: Barrelled Action 7mm

Make: Zastava

Model: Z98

Action: Bolt Action

Scope: None

Serial No: 33895

Condition: New

Phone: 0499093687

Price: $1000

Licence Number: 26534012

Advertised: 17/05/2021

Comment: I would suggest pulling all reloads and reloading as good practice. 75 Norma Case Reloads 160gr 40 Winchester Case Reloads 160gr 10 Unknown Reloads 132 Reloads in Green cases Zastava Z98 Mauser Style Bolt Action Yugoslavia Built Madco 26" Stainless barell 160gr speer projectiles 175gr Sierra projectiles 160gr Nosler Projectiles 130Gr Speer Projectiles 140gr Combined Tech Silver Tip 3 die Set RCBS 7mm Rem Mag 2 die set Simplex missing parts 12 primed cases.

Transferring Dealer: Anyone local to buyer

Private Ad State: QLD

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