Calibre/Item: Cases 223

Make: Winchester / Mixed

Serial No: Cases 38 Special

Condition: Very Good

Phone: 0415773292

Price: $130

Licence Number: 10069919

Advertised: 03/05/2021

Comment: Once fired 38 Special Winchester headstamp tumbled and deprimed $225/1000 posted. All brass will be weighed so 38 Special may get a few more than 1000. 99% is Winchester headstamps where specified. WCC/Military is mixed headstamps that is factory annealed with crimped primer pockets. These are easily removed. Some brass may show discoloration and while every effort has been made to remove it there may be some unusable cases. All brass should be cleaned, full length sized and deprimed before use. Once fired 223 Winchester headstamp $130/4kg posted. Once fired 223 WCC/Mil headstamp. Crimped primer pockets with some factory annealed. $130/4kg posted. Postage is Included in the price

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Private Ad State: QLD

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