Calibre/Item: Barrel 6.5mm Stainless

Make: Proof Research

Model: 27in 1-8 twist varmint

Condition: New

Phone: 0427 454 400

Price: $685

Licence Number: 406987044

Advertised: 19/05/2021

Comment: New stainless 27 inch 1-8 twist varmint barrel blank.

These barrels offer extreme accuracy and quality. They are double stress-relieved 416R stainless steel, a pre-hardened chromium stainless steel ideally suited for use in precision, match-grade rifle barrels.

416R was specifically designed by engineers in collaboration with barrel makers and rifle manufacturers to provide the consistency, high quality and durability the firearms industry demands.

416R is the stainless steel of choice because it has the following characteristics:

Excellent machinability for gun drilling and reaming, plus exceptional polishability for uniform lapping—a must for bore accuracy.

A homogeneous microstructure which responds to heat treatment providing a uniform hardness along the length of the bar, necessary for accurate rifling to precise groove dimensions.
An optimum combination of high tensile strength along with adequate toughness to withstand typical chamber pressures encountered during firing.

Our 416R arrives at our factory in long lengths and is then cut to finished barrel length. The barrels are then drilled, contoured and reamed to the bore diameter of the cartridge for which they are to be chambered. The barrels are then rifled and lapped and inspected with a bore scope.

Transferring Dealer: Located Sydney NSW

Private Ad State: NSW

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