Calibre/Item: 6mm BR

Make: Remington

Model: Custom

Action: Bolt s/shot

Scope: Nightforce Benchrest

Serial No: RR88607E

Condition: Excellent

Phone: 0400 720 802

Price: $6500

Advertised: 18/02/2021

Comment: 6mm BR F Open Long Range Target Rifle.
Remington 700 action, Bartlein Barrel 29", Timney Calvin Elite Trigger, Nightforce Benchrest 12-42x56 Scope. Custom made aluminium chassis.
Includes: Redding Type S Match Dies, Approx 600 Hornady ELD Projectiles, Approx 450 Brass (100 new), Front Rest/Stand.
Extremely accurate rifle.

Transferring Dealer: Shoot Ya Load Gunsmithing

Private Ad State: NSW

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