Calibre/Item: Barrel 308W

Make: Fulton Armory

Model: GI Contour M14/M1A

Barrel Length: 22 inches

Condition: New

Phone: 0412 162 068

Price: $587

Licence Number: 81606810F

Advertised: 18/06/2021

Comment: Original G.I. standard weight contour with all threading and milling operations performed and properly timed. The barrel is parkerized and chambered .010 short to be finish headspaced and installed by a qualified gunsmith.

For chrome lined barrels, the chamber is finished and may not headspace to your bolt/receiver.

Uniformity of the bore dimension, groove dimension, and twist, along with the finish produced by hand lapping are esstential for the ultimate accuracy of the barrel which achieves “Match Quality”.

Our Hybrid Match Chamber allows use of 7.62×51 mm NATO & .308 Win Calibers

Home affairs permit required for sale. Postage extra

Transferring Dealer: Single Hit Armaments Vic

Dealer Ad State: VIC

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