Calibre/Item: Dies and Projectiles 25-06

Make: Various

Condition: Very Good

Phone: 408847643

Price: $650

Licence Number: 62482V

Advertised: 01/08/2016

Deposit Taken: SOLD in a day

Comment: Redding 25-06 deluxe die set lee 25/06 crimping die.
15 Nosler partition 120G.
83 Nosler Partition 115G.
180 Nosler Accubonds 110G.
46 Swift A frame 100G.
275 Barnes TSX 115G.
90 Sierra Game King 100G.
120 Winchester new brass.
70 Hornady Interlock 100G.
50 Nosler Balistic tip 115G Some unopened.

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Private Ad State: SA

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