Calibre/Item: 7.62x54R

Make: Mosin Nagant

Model: M91/30 Sniper

Action: Bolt

Scope: Reproduction PU 4x scope

Barrel Length: 30 inch

Serial No: XR966

Condition: Very Good

Phone: 425786298

Price: $900

Licence Number: 410407383

Advertised: 16/07/2016

Deposit Taken: SOLD

Comment: An original M91/30 with 30-inch barrel and factory standard furniture, built in 1943. I installed a reproduction PU 4x zoom scope, which sits above the action enough that you can still use the iron sights without removing the scope. Has a gash down the side of the stock which was there when I got it. The barrel and action are in very good condition, and with the scope it can shoot 1 inch groups at 100 yards.

Transferring Dealer: St Mary´s Indoor Shooting Centre, 30 Power Street St Marys NSW

Private Ad State: NSW

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