Calibre/Item: Projectiles & Cases 416 Rigby

Make: Woodleigh & Barnes

Model: Various

Condition: New

Phone: (08) 8636 2310

Price: $600

Licence Number: 343532D

Advertised: 02/07/2016

Deposit Taken: SOLD

Comment: * 50x 416 Rigby Norma UP cases
* 99x 300gr Barnes TSX(41683)
* 93x 400gr Barnes TSX(41689)
* 199x 410gr Woodleigh RNSN(W37A)
* 47x 410gr Woodleigh FMJ(W38)
* 33x 450 gr Woodleigh RNSN(W37B)

Transferring Dealer: Woolfwinch Guns & Ammo, Lot 2 Highway One, Warnertown SA

Private Ad State: SA

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