Calibre/Item: Projectiles 224

Make: Sierra, ICI

Model: Spitzer and PSP

Condition: Excellent

Phone: 408094849

Price: $100

Licence Number: 10105676-01

Advertised: 27/06/2016

Deposit Taken: SOLD in 1 day

Comment: 500 Pojectiles in 224 diameter. 100 x 22 Cal (224 Dia) High Velocity 50 grain Spitzer projectiles and 400 x 22 Cal (224 Dia) 50 grain PSP projectiles. Sierra projectiles in original packet and ICI projectiles in 4 clip seal bags. Price includes postage anywhere in Australia

Transferring Dealer: Ipswich Shooters Supplies
Brisbane St, West Ipswich Qld

Private Ad State: QLD

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