Calibre/Item: 303

Make: Enfield

Model: 1890 Lee-Metford

Action: Bolt repeater

Serial No: 3571-907F

Condition: Excellent

Phone: 430604574

Price: $1450

Licence Number: 10083759.02

Advertised: 11/03/2016

Deposit Taken: SOLD

Comment: Conversion from 1890 Mark I* Lee-Metford rifle. See Skennerton, The Lee-Enfield page 478. This shortened rifle club pattern 303 calibre, see page 458. Eight stacker magazine. Enfield barrel broad arrow stamped with (´06) date stamp. Steel buttplate with brass screws. A magazine cut-off. The forend has finger grooves.

Transferring Dealer: Maroochydore Guns Ammo QLD

Private Ad State: QLD

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