Calibre/Item: 7.62x54R

Make: Mosin Nagant

Model: 91/30 PU Sniper

Action: Bolt repeater

Scope: PU Sniper

Serial No: BC7054

Condition: Very Good

Phone: 0427 224 037

Price: $1899

Licence Number: 400097147

Advertised: 12/10/2016

Comment: Mosin Nagant 91/30 PU sniper rifle. Original Sniper rifle released to TOZ Tula from Russian Army stocks. The Tula Arms Plant has checked the rifle and each is test fired to verify functional safety. Some new markings have been added to make the rifles comply with modern marking requirements for export. As a group these rifles are all original sniper rifles that went back into the arsenals after the war and had varying degrees of re-arsenaling done to them to bring them back up to complete rifles of sniper standards and capabilities. Although they are original snipers, due to the re-arsenaling, they may not fully retain all of their original matching components. In some cases you may find that a small part has been changed, i.e - a Tula barrel band on an Izhevsk rifle. You may also find a force match on a floorplate or buttplate, or even a re-match where the designation number on the rifle has been re-struck to match it to the scope that it has been Re-Arsenal mated with. Also, scopes will have original stamped numbers but mount plates may be electro-pencilled to match the rifle that the scope is mated with. All bores are exceptional. They are all high wall round receiver rifles, the only style chosen as suitable for true snipers. They have "smoothed up" actions and lighter trigger pulls. Rifles were originally made in Izhevsk Arsenal. These rifles were selected at the end of WW2 to be re-arsenaled ready to re-issue. Only the best rifles, scopes and components were used for this process. This is the real deal.

Transferring Dealer: Garry Forde PO Box 977 Mudgee NSW 2850

Dealer Ad State: NSW

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