Calibre/Item: 45-70

Make: Marlin
Model: 1895
Scope: Open sights & rail
Condition: Very Good
Price: $1550
Advertised: 16/01/2022
Comment: Original JM stamped Marlin made in 1987, much better build quality than the Remington made version of Marlins which have the letters MR before the...
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Calibre/Item: Cases 303

Make: Winchester
Model: 303
Condition: New
Price: $228
Advertised: 02/01/2022
Comment: Last few remaining lots of 200 x new Winchester 303 brass. It could be another 12 months or even longer before we see this back...
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Calibre/Item: Projectiles 7mm

Make: Remington
Model: 175gr PSPCL x 200
Condition: New
Price: $110
Advertised: 21/12/2021
Comment: Super good deal on these 7mm 175gr bullets, $55/100, stock up before they have disappeared forever. Please add $10 for post to anywhere within Australia....
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