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Firearms displayed on this site are seen by shooters all over Australia, in fact world wide. Maximise the potential selling market for your firearms or stock by displaying it on and your advertisement runs for 3 months unless sold.

Firearm advertisement with photograph for $20 +GST
Banner ads for your dealership, business or shop start from $15 per week.
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Customers may contact you directly by email from your ad.
Your advertisement also has your phone contact and may link to your web page or site. can host a web page for you with links from your adds. can be your web site.
300,000+ page openings a month. The most viewed shooting web site/publication in Australia
Compare our rates with magazine advertisements, far more cost effective.
contact us by email or phone 0439 439 726 office hours please Remember your ad will run for 3 MONTHS unless sold

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How effective are the ads on

Colin emailed to say Hi Once again, you site has done it`s job. Please mark my rifle as being sold in less than 5 mins of it being placed on your site., approx 10 mins from when I placed the ad, very quick service, thank you. Colin

Magnum Sports – ( A loyal customer for 15 years) We sell most of our firearms on the usedguns website

Gold Coast Shooters Supplies – Placed 20 ads for firearms with us on 5/8/14 and had sold 15 guns within the first 3 days. Very happy customers

August 4, 5, 6 & 7th – Of the 200 ads on the Whats New page 66 had been marked as sold. That is one third of all the ads. It is still amazing to us how effective the web site is in helping our customers sell their firearms advertised military collectibles for Robert. His advertising costs of $500 generated direct sales of $140,000. Robert said that there was no other medium in Australia that he could have advertised with, or could have been more effective.

How many shooters view the ads on – has 20,000 visits a day. There are over 550,000 page openings per month. That is an audience higher than that reached by every shooting magazine in Australia combined. The most viewed shooting web site in Australia & it is still growing.

These dealers have found advertising on successful

Western Firearms – Beverly Hills Sydney
In October, Westerns placed 8 ads on a Wednesday and had sold 7 guns by the next day. Two of these were to Cairns Qld. That`s 7 guns in 24 hours, 2 of those to a customer who did not know Westerns existed until he found them on Westerns had previously sold several guns and reloading presses to Victoria through

Shoalhaven Shooting Supplies – Nowra NSW Shoalhaven Shooting has sold guns to Western Australia, Melbourne and Sydney through and has more customers in the shop.

Oakey Oil & Battery Barn – Oakey Qld Oakey has sold guns to Katherin NT, the top end of Qld and regional NSW through usedguns.

Kempsey Outdoors – Kempsey NSW Kempsey Outdoors regularly places ads on and often sell a gun within hours of the gun being advertised.

Safari Firearms – Sydney NSW Safari have 800 guns through in the last 12 months including one to Canada. In fact sells more guns for Safari than their own web site.

Power Ammo – Wagga Wagga Power Ammo joined in July. Don has sold 147 guns from the site, two to Sydney, to Darwin, to W.A, to Port Macquarie NSW and Vic. Don has had enquiries from all over Australia and still continues to sell guns weeks after placing his ads as new customers discover

John Dunn – Adelong NSW John joined the site in late July. Within days of advertising on he rang to tell me how surprised he was at the number of enquiries he had received and how quickly the site had generated those enquiries.

Private Owners adds There have been many private gun owners who have advertised on and then emailed within days to say thanks, the gun has sold, many to say sold within hours of the ad being published. Shooters from Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, country NSW and Tasmania have sold their guns in days through

Mark from Port Macquarie NSW During the past two weeks I have listed four separate firearms on your site and achieved great sales results. Three sold within 24 hours and the other within the week. The site is just what the firearms enthusiast needs to expose their firearms to a greater expanse of buyers. Listing is simple and inexpensive and your subsequent service and management of the listings is spot on. I would highly recommend the site to any prospective firearms buyers or sellers.


Mark Port Macquarie NSW

Mike emailed to say Hello Team, Can you please mark my ad as SOLD On another note, your website is brilliant. Gear seems to sell so quick on your site, and I have had heaps of inquiries about it along with a few offers! I`ve also been able to get gear at great prices too. WIN WIN 🙂 Regards, Mike

Romano from Sydney emailed to say I listed 4 hand guns today. Can you remove the Pardini 9mm and the Smith and Wesson from the site as they are sold, the S & W at about 1.30 pm and the Paradini at 4.30 pm. (These ads were uploaded to the web site at 10.30am and SOLD in 2 & 6 hours)

Douglas from NSW emailed to say Dear Sir, I`d like to add my 2 cents worth if I may. I have bought one (1) rifle off the site and I am in the process of buying another. The first was a very good one and at a fair price. The second I am yet to receive but I am sure it will be worth the asking price as well. To me this is the greatest thing since sliced bread and I wish I had seen it long ago. I don`t know how long it has existed but it is something which has been needed as it is very difficult otherwise to find just what is around the country for sale. In the future I will be viewing the site even if I am not in the market as one never knows when something will appeal. I wish you all the best with the site and I sincerely hope that it expands and becomes the biggest in the country. I will certainly be passing the site info etc along to my mates in the shooting fraternity. Sincerely, Douglas NSW

Joel from ACT emailed to say Do you have a comments board because I was blown away by how good your site is and I now check your `What`s New` section frequently. I only listed my rifle Sunday night. Received two emails that night, one inquiry, one offer to buy via lay-by and payments. Received two calls Monday morning, one wishing to buy without scope, second call was to buy no questions asked (Sold), then first caller called again but too late. I didn`t think I listed too cheap a price, your site is just great Thanks Joel ACT

Michael emailed to say Hi David, very pleased to inform you the Blaser is now sold! That`s three sales and two purchases from “looking for” ads. Feel free to ask me for a testimonial! Regards Michael