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Advertising on this site

Firearms displayed on this site are seen by shooters all over Australia, in fact world wide. Maximize the potential selling market for that gun or accessory you would like to move on by displaying it on and your advertisement will run for 3 months unless sold. Please email us to advise if your advertised item sells within the 3 months.
Please note. Legislative requirements for advertising firearms or firearm parts require that the seller must provide shooters licence or permit number plus the serial number of the firearm or part. Tasmania further requires that advertisements display the name and address of the licensed firearm dealer through which the transfer will be made. Your advertisement shall not be accepted without this required information.

Use this guide to describe the condition of your firearm


In as new condition, without noticeable wear, marking or scratches

Very good

In full working condition, no noticeable wear or rust, some minor marring of surfaces


In full working condition, minor wear and marks, no rust or broken parts


Safe operating condition, well worn, some rust, may need minor repair